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How to keep your car safe

Tyler Heatley

13 Apr 2021

We all love our cars, but what can you do to keep it safe?

A new car is typically the second most expensive purchase you’ll ever make, with the first being a house. Naturally, many of us are protective of our pride and joy, being careful to avoid overly tight parking spaces or less than favourable car parks. However, harm can come to your car no matter where it is.

Here’s our guide to keeping your car safe.

Don’t temp fate

It’s a classic peace of advice that your dad likely give you in childhood, but it still stands today. Don’t leave valuables on display in your car. The sheer quantity of pricey tech we carry around today makes this warning more valid than ever. A stray iPhone on public display is all the temptation a thief needs to break into your car.

It’s not just phones that are targeted by criminals. Flash stereo systems, money, passports and official looking documents are all on a crook’s shopping list.

Shut the gate

The most secure location for your car is in a locked garage, but a small precaution for vehicles on driveways that is surprisingly effective is shutting the gate. The psychology behind a closed gate is enough to deter opportunistic car thieves, but also adds an obstacle. The noise of your gate opening at an unusual time of day might help alert you to what’s going on outside.

It might not be enough to stop the worst from happening, but it could help raise potential witnesses for the police.

Protect your keys

A great many cars have keyless ignition that enables you to open the door and start the car without fuss. However, there is an inherent vulnerability in these keys as the signal they emit can be duplicated. Thieves use a digital tool to search for your keys, duplicate the signal and simply drive off in your car.

Leaving keys near windows and doors should be avoided as the signal has a short range, meaning thieves have to get close to pick it up. It’s also possible to buy a faraday cage to store keys in, something that blocks the signal entirely.

Be visible

Not everyone has the luxury of a driveway or garage, so where’s best to park your car when out on the road? It makes sense to avoid side roads and areas out of public view. Try to be overt with where you leave your car, especially if it’s a vehicle that could garner the wrong attention. Main roads, car parks with CCTV and generally places where people would witness anyone tampering is ideal.

Make sure you lock and alarm your car, but as long as you’re sensible, it should be fine out on the road.

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