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8 Bond girl cars

Chris Chilton

25 Feb 2021


Ask even the most casual Bond fan to name some of 007’s cars, and they’ll reel off a list that starts with the Aston DB5, and includes a Lotus Esprit, maybe a BMW Z8, and even a Sunbeam Alpine if they’ve really been paying attention.

But what about the ones driven by the Bond girls? It’s not so easy. So here, to refresh your memory, are eight classic Bond girl cars.

Ford Mustang - Goldfinger

Bond’s pursuit of Goldinger’s bullion-laden Rolls Royce up Switzerland’s Furka Pass is one of the most famous scenes in the series’ history.

But first, 007 naughtily waves Tilly Masterson and her Mustang convertible through before using his car’s razor-sharp extendable wheel spinners to slice through the Ford’s bodywork.

Toyota 2000GT – You Only Live Twice

This one’s a fairly famous Bond car, though the nearest Bond gets to the driver’s seat is when he’s in the adjacent chair: secret service agent Aki is the one doing the wheel twirling in a very unconvincing green-screen chase.

Citroën 2CV – For Your Eyes Only

Another hairy shotgun ride for Bond, this time in a Citroën 2CV when a bomb explodes the first of his two Esprits in this 1981 film. The stunt team’s 2CVs were fitted with bigger four-cylinder engines from the Citroën GS to help give the chase some extra pep.

MGB – Man with the Golden Gun

Britt Ekland spends plenty of screen time wandering round in a bikini as hopelessly dim Agent Goodnight, but she also shows off the curves of her MGB roadster, one of last made before MG switched to chunky rubber bumpers to keep US regulators happy.

Renault 5 Turbo – Never say Never Again

Wig-wearing Sean Connery finds himself on two wheels in this early 1980s Thunderball remake when he battles baddie Barbara Carrera and her fabulous wide-arched Renault 5.

Ferrari F355GTS - Goldeneye

Bond’s producers really asked us to suspend our disbelief when they armed Famke Janssen’s Onatopp with a brand new Ferrari, and then showed us that Bond in his geriatric Aston DB5 was handy enough to keep her in his rear view mirror.

Land Rover Defender – Skyfall

The Audi A5 is by no supercar in disguise, but Eve Moneypenny’s ability to keep pace with it in an old Land Rover Defender, wasn’t exactly plausible in this Daniel Craig-era Bond movie. Fun chase, though.

Mercury Cougar – On her Majesty’s Secret Service

The classy Cougar was to the Ford Mustang what the Audi A3 is to a Golf, and in George Lazenby’s only Bond outing it’s used by Bond girl Diana Rigg to escape the Merc-driving bad guys, gatecrashing an ice race on the way.

Chris Chilton

25 Feb 2021