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Six cars which are more romantic than a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day date

Nick Francis

11 Feb 2021

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The restaurants might be shut, but if you can get your hands on one of these ultra-luxury cars you can recreate the atmosphere of a Michelin starred eatery on your own driveway this Valentine’s Day. Get ready for a lot of Rolls-Royce and Bentley…

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but not as we know it. Sadly the day of love is yet another victim of the coronavirus pandemic which means restaurants and pubs will sit dark and empty and any romance will have to remain in our homes. That is, unless you can get your hands on one of these ultra-luxury cars. Some cars are so high-end that their rear cabins are actually fancier than most restaurants. They are only for the super-rich, but it’s still nice to dream at this time of year.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: £371,790

When optioned with the Privacy Pack the Phantom’s privacy screen can turn opaque at the flick of a button and the rear windows are shrouded with curtains, plus it’s completely sound-proofed. So it’s a great car to be in if your dinner date leads to… Well, you know. Cars don’t get more luxurious than this: the Phantom comes with fold down tables, a champagne chiller, reclining leather seats and two 12-inch TV screens to help when the conversation dries up. Plus the interior roof is bejewelled with small LEDs so it feels like you’re sitting beneath the night sky. 

Bentley Flying Spur: £132,800

Bentley calls the rear cabin of its luxury wafter, the Flying Spur, ‘The Most Luxurious Backseat in the Car World’ – and it might just be right. Both seats come with 10.2-inch Android-powered ‘entertainment tablets’ from which you can set the mood via a state-of-the-art Naim audio system. In between the ridiculously soft and plush seats, which offer 14-way adjustment and five massage modes, sits a chiller fridge which can go as low as -6 degrees Celsius – perfect for either wine or a picnic.  

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: £180,315

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has thought of everything when it comes to rear cabin luxury, with seats which almost fully recline, quilted pillows and temperature-controlled cup holders to ensure your champagne doesn’t go warm. There’s also a calf massage function as well as neck and shoulder heating, so you can really relax once you’ve finished dinner. It should go without saying that it comes with an onboard fridge, which can hold up to 10-litres of food and drink. The champagne flutes which come with the car can be optioned with silver plating, if you really want to impress your date. 

Range Rover Autobiography: £102,940

If you go for the long wheelbase version of the Range Rover Autobiography you’ll end up with more legroom than you would find at any crowded restaurant on Valentine’s day – over 1.2-metres in fact. The seats even offer a ‘hot stone’ massage function, which you would pay a lot of money for at a spa, especially as a couple. The fridge nestled between the two rear seats is big enough for two wine bottles, so you can really make a big night of it, and the Touch Pro Duo connected infotainment system offers all you need to set the mood.

BMW 7 Series: £71,725

You’ll need to option the BMW 7 Series with the Rear Seat Comfort Package, which costs around £5,000, to get the full restaurant-treatment. For the money your dining chairs will be heated and offer a multiple massage functions, and you’ll get two screens on the front seatbacks, plus a tablet device to control the mood lighting and infotainment system, linked to a Bowers and Wilkins sound system. Your dinner tables raise from the centre console to fit snugly over your laps and there is plenty of legroom.


Hyundai i10: £12,820

Because why not? Let’s face it, 99.9% of us can’t afford the other cars in this list and if you’re with the right person all you need is a roof over your head and a heater and you’re all set for a romantic dinner. Legroom in the back of Hyundai’s excellent little city car is understandably limited, but that just means more of an excuse to get close and cosy. Granted you’ll probably need to pop to McDonald’s or make some sandwiches - no reclining seats and tables here – but what’s wrong with a Big Mac Meal? 

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Nick Francis

11 Feb 2021

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