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Forza Horizon 4 to launch on Steam

Tyler Heatley

09 Feb 2021

One of the best Forza games is due to hit Steam, marking a huge shift from being an Xbox exclusive. More Forza Horizon for more people? That’s good news.

The Forza series of Microsoft games is one of the most worshiped amongst car enthusiasts. While the Motorsport part of the franchise chases realism, Horizon games are a passport to car culture and open world exploration. Forza Horizon 4 is arguably the most impressive of the bunch, and now it’s heading to steam.

These Forza games were once an Xbox exclusive, meaning that only owners of the console could enjoy them, but slowly they crept onto PC and now will be available to Steam users. This is big news because Steam’s online game distribution reaches over 25 million people each day, thus giving Horizon 4 a whole new lease of life.

Forza Horizon 4 launched for the Xbox One back in October 2018 and delivered an impressive roster of cars to collect. From humble hatchbacks to epic supercars, the eclectic mix was also hosted many discoverable ‘barn find’ vehicles that were scattered throughout the landscape. The free-roaming map is vast and is designed to mimic that of England and Scotland with everything from twisting b-roads to mountain passes. It’s a fantastic game to get lost within and fantasies of building a dream garage.

Over the years there has been a continuous stream of new cars added to the game, something the keeps fans coming back after all this time. A new island was added and the latest Xbox Series X console has done wonders to improve the game thanks to some added horsepower.

Steam has the power to introduce a whole new audience to this excellent game – and to each other. This new version of the game supports cross-platform play, meaning that steam users can interact with those playing on an Xbox. Things such as online races, challenges and the auction house for users to sell their creations will all be shared.

Forza Horizon 4 launches on Steam 9 March 2021 via three variants. The Standard Edition comes complete with the Formula Drift Car pack, Deluxe Edition adds with the brilliant Best of Bond pack, and Ultimate Edition gets all of that and other existing add-ons for the game.

It looks like things are full Steam ahead for Horizon 4 regardless of its age.

Tyler Heatley

09 Feb 2021