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Kia recalls 965 new Sorentos

Tyler Heatley

01 Feb 2021

Issues with the new Kia Sorento’s emergency call system sparks a UK recall. The good news is that it’s a quick fix at the dealer.

The new Kia Sorento SUV is a brilliant seven-seat family car that significantly moves the game on from its predecessor. However, excited new owners will have to take a trip back to the dealership far sooner than expected thanks to a recall. It’s not the news any new car buyer wants to hear so soon, but thankfully it shouldn’t take long to rectify.

The issue is to do with the eCall SOS system that automatically makes an emergency call in the event of an accident. While the car calls for help, it also transmits the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to the emergency services if an airbag is deployed. However, it would appear the new Sorento is refusing – hence the recall.

It is said that 965 cars in the UK are concerned, all built between 1 September and 14 December 2020. Kia is already contacting customers to arrange for the remedial work which takes less than 30 minutes. Apparently it’s a case of resetting the car’s system and checking that all is well. Full social distancing precautions are being taken during repairs, and a company statement says that owners should allow for an hour of maintenance time due to added processes.

Kia stresses that this issue was found without an accident occurring, and that it isn’t aware of any collisions where the system hasn’t functioned as expected.

Vehicle recalls are not unusual, especially for the first batch of cars off the production line. Manufacturers should contact customers about any issues and their severity, but it is rare that any owners would need to stop driving immediately. Most small manufacturing issues can be taken care of by the dealer and all recalls are covered at the manufacturers expense. You can check the status of any recalls on your vehicle via the government website or a local dealership.

Hopefully these 965 Kia owners will have their vehicles back to their intended state within the next few weeks.


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Tyler Heatley

01 Feb 2021