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December’s best-selling cars showcases increase in EV popularity


06 Jan 2021

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Sales have been tough this year, but these cars rose to the top in December.

Last year, car dealers had a really tough time as they faced closures related to the coronavirus pandemic and were forced to change their businesses to accommodate more online sales.

Despite sales being down drastically over the year, December proved many car manufacturers managed to buck the trend somewhat and sell a decent number of cars. Here are the top 10.

Tesla Model 3 – 5,798


Tesla has weathered the coronavirus storm well because it was already big on selling cars online. One of its unique selling points was always that you could easily order a car online before heading into a dealer to pick it up, so it was well placed when traditional dealers were forced to pivot.

The Model 3 is its ‘affordable’ family car, and while it’s considerably more than a typical petrol saloon, the fact it provides great value as a premium electric vehicle – coupled with Tesla’s badge appeal – has made it sell incredibly well.

Volkswagen Golf – 4,470


It’s no surprise to see the Golf pushing the top of the list. When the world faces disruption it’s often the most established names that weather the storm the best.

With buyers likely to want less risk in their purchase, and the fact that Volkswagen launched a new Golf recently, has seen the usual podium suspects take a back seat.

Ford Fiesta – 3,367


Similar to the Golf, the Fiesta is such a well-established name that it would take a lot to disrupt sales. Even in a tumultuous end-of-year market, the Fiesta has found itself in the top three.

Buyers love the fact that it provides a unique blend of best-in-class driveability, fantastic value for money, stylish looks and decent equipment levels. If you’re looking for a small car it’s tough to recommend anything else.

Volkswagen ID. 3 – 3,188


The ID.3 being so high in this list will be a massive relief for Volkswagen. This is its new electric vehicle, which is being called the next Golf for the electric generation – no pressure, then.

It’s cars like this that will spearhead the world’s switch to battery cars, because it’s affordable while also offering the build quality and practicality that family car buyers require.

Nissan Qashqai – 3,109


Even Nissan could probably never have predicted what a huge hit the Qashqai would be when it first went on sale back in 2006, but it arguably started the trend for using SUVs for family duties.

All these years later and it’s still a regular in the UK’s best-selling list, thanks to its fashionable looks, decent practicality and good mix of engine options. What’s more impressive is that it’s still selling well despite the fact a new one is on the way.

Vauxhall Corsa – 3,029


Once having a reputation as the boy racer’s car of choice, the Corsa has established itself as a genuine rival to the Ford Fiesta. The latest generation looks great and is one of the best value propositions in the segment.

What’s more, there’s an electric version too, so those looking to make the switch to zero-emission motoring can do so in a familiar car.

Volvo XC40 – 2,909


Volvo’s smart-looking XC40 is a key car in the Swedish firm’s line-up as it enters into the ultra-competitive compact SUV segment. Despite all manner of rivals, the XC40 manages to stand tall thanks to classy exterior styling and a superbly well-made interior.

There’s a plug-in hybrid version available too, while 2021 will see the introduction of a fully electric XC40.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class – 2,761


There’s little wonder why people flock to the Mercedes A-Class each month; it’s packed with tech, looks smart from the outside and is available with a wide variety of engines. There’s also a pair of AMG-tuned models, which satisfy the performance end of the buying market.

Mercedes has recently bolstered the A-Class’ engine line-up with the introduction of a plug-in hybrid version, too, increasing the car’s efficiency.

Ford Puma – 2,600

The Puma is the latest car to get Ford’s ST treatment

Ford’s Puma has really had an impact on the market, with the Fiesta-based crossover’s sharp looks and even sharper packaging turning it into a hit with buyers. It’s got a well-made interior too, while an efficient series of engines make it cheap to run.

There’s also a range-topping ST model available, bringing some genuine performance to the Puma.

Mini – 2,532


Mini’s hatchback has been a consistent sight on this list for months, bringing the retro-infused looks which people love. It’s a great car to drive, too, while a new electric variant means that there’s an option for those who want to make the switch to battery power too.

Still made in Oxford, the Mini hatch continues to be the firm’s core model despite the broadening of the range with crossovers and estates.

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06 Jan 2021

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