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Are these the best hatchbacks on sale today?


21 Dec 2020

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The hatchback segment is in full bloom – but which one should you opt for?

The hatchback segment is a mainstay of the motoring industry. Providing compact, practical and affordable choices for decades, a hatchback is a car which many people naturally gravitate towards when they want a vehicle to simply get the job done.

Despite the increasing popularity of crossovers, there are still all manner of hatchback choices available today. But which one should you choose? We pick out some of the best.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf sits on a new platform

Volkswagen’s latest eighth-generation Golf is by far the most tech-heavy today, bringing an interior which is dominated by displays. However, it still has the basics covered thanks to a practical design and a spacious, well-made interior.

There are plenty of engines to choose from, too, while performance-orientated GTI, GTE and R models are available as well.


The Mini hatch is one of several cars from the brand built in Britain

The Mini is often seen as the go-to choice in the premium hatchback segment thanks to its well-made interior and smart retro-inspired looks. Now, there’s the choice of three- or five-door layouts too, giving a more practical option to those who need it.

It remains brilliant fun to drive, while a new electric version means there’s a zero-emissions Mini option too.

Seat Leon


Seat’s Leon sits on the same platform as the latest Golf, which means it too benefits from a spacious interior and plenty of high-end technologies which really do give the cabin a space-age feel.

It also is practical and spacious inside, while a fine range of engines – including a hybrid – means that there’s a powertrain for all buyers.

Skoda Octavia

The new e-tec brings mild-hybrid technology for added efficiency

Though the Octavia might look like a saloon, thanks to its large boot opening it technically classes as a hatchback. It’s a brilliant option, too, with a great ride which has been engineered to focus on comfort and, as a result, makes the Octavia impressively refined to drive.

It’s also brilliantly spacious with that large boot making it ideal for families. An efficient range of engines ensures that the Octavia will be cheap to run, too.

Toyota Yaris

The Yaris features an efficient hybrid engine

Toyota’s latest Yaris is a striking thing to look at, with an angular exterior design helping to really make it stand out from the crowd. There’s just one powertrain to choose from – a petrol hybrid setup – but it suits the character of the Yaris well.

Despite being more on the compact side of things, Toyota has packaged the Yaris to ensure that it’s as spacious as can be.

Mercedes A-Class


Though the Mercedes A-Class has now been on the scene for some time, it still remains an incredibly popular choice thanks to its premium-feeling interior and smart exterior styling.

Mercedes has recently bolstered the appeal of the A-Class with the introduction of a new plug-in hybrid variant, which brings lower running costs to this classy hatchback.

Ford Fiesta

Waning popularity has seen the diesel-powered Fiesta dropped

The Ford Fiesta is one of the nation’s favourite cars thanks to its impressive value-for-money and variety of well-equipped trim levels. It also happens to be excellent to drive, bringing excitement to each journey no matter which engine you opt for.

Ford recently ditched any diesel option from the Fiesta line-up, but has contrasted this by bringing new mild-hybrid petrol variants to fill the gap.

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21 Dec 2020

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