Special Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 marks end of production

Tyler Heatley

20 Nov 2020


The automotive world is a rich tapestry of vehicles big and small. There are fast ones, slow ones, luxurious ones, cheap ones, and expensive ones. However, some of the most interesting are the quirky ones. The Morgan 3 Wheeler certainly falls into that fantastic category, but its time is now coming to an end. To mark the final batch of cars the P101 special edition has been created.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a rebirth of one of the British marque’s most iconic models. Featuring, you guessed it, three wheels, this lightweight sports car is a real blast from the past. For the final 33 cars leading to production ending once more, a series of examples will serve as a greatest hits to the model.

Why is it called P101? That was actually the codename for the 3 Wheeler while in development. Some other historical throwbacks you’ll find on these rarified cars are gold resin covers, low-drag wheels and large 9-inch Hella spotlights.

This car is available in silver or black, but a series of unique design packs can add even more character to the P101 cars. A Belly Tank pack harks back to belly tank racers that somewhat inspired the original 3 wheeler car, Dazzelship mimics the WWII camouflage of battle ships, Aviator models itself on classic RAF colours, and Race Car uses iconic Morgan racers as its muse.

Some 82bhp is still mustered from that rumbling 2.0-litre vee-twin engine that protrudes from its nose. 0-62mph comes in a blustery 6 seconds due to how open the car is, but it serves as a refreshingly different automotive experience to anything else.

Ultimately production is coming to an end because that is when this car’s type approval expires, but the company has announced that “the Morgan 3 Wheeler will return.”

If you have the £54,000 required to buy one of 33 P101s, you’re too late. Each car is already spoken for.

Tyler Heatley

20 Nov 2020

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