Build your perfect Tesla Model 3

Tyler Heatley

18 Nov 2020


The huge success of the Tesla Model 3 is apparent from just how many you see out on the roads. It took a little bit longer to hit UK shores, but the American electric car has been widely adopted as many people’s first EV. It’s a competent electric car with great technology, brilliant battery range and all at a sensible price.

We hit Tesla’s configurator to create our ideal Tesla Model 3 with everyday usability in mind. Our hypothetical situation involves switching from a petrol car to this electric model.

A Tesla Model S starts at £40,490 and comes standard with rear-wheel drive and a 267-mile range. That’s plenty for most users, but we wanted to have the best battery possible for the ultimate in peace of mind, and so opted for the £46,990 Long Range with 360-miles. This car also receives all-wheel drive and a faster 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds. If you want something even zippier, the £56,490 Performance model will do the same dash in 3.1 seconds, but has a lower 352-mile range.

There are just five colours to choose from, most costing £1,000. White is standard, but the red we’ve gone for is £2,000! Grey Aero wheels are the non-cost option, but again we spent some money on a nice set of 19-inch Sport Wheels at £1,450.

Moving on to the interior, all cars come with a large 15-inch touchscreen that’s packed full of features. Everything from media and navigation, to cool hidden ‘Easter eggs’ can be found in this responsive unit. Heated seats and plenty of other equipment comes at no cost. Also included in the price of your Model 3 is black upholstery, with white being an extra £1,000. We’ve gone for black for a more executive look.

You can also option at tow hood that can lug 1,000kg for £1,000. Additionally, the clever autonomous Autopilot system can be added for £6,800. Its ability to drive itself under certain conditions is impressive, but in the UK the law prevents it from working as anything more than an advanced cruise control. If the law changes you’ll be equipped, but for now it remains a costly option that we passed on.

Our total came to £50,440 which is about the same as a well-specified BMW 3 Series. Factor in the convenience of the Supercharger Network exclusive to Tesla, and the saving of going electric, we don’t think that’s too bad.

Tyler Heatley

18 Nov 2020

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