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Top 10 race tracks in the world

Tyler Heatley

23 Mar 2021

The world is full of motorsport meccas that attract professional racers and amateurs alike. Here are some of the greatest race tracks out there.

When you think of the world’s greatest motorsport moments, there are three key ingredients… An iconic car, star driver and an amazing track. Many of these race tracks you can visit regardless of being a professional driver or not.

Grab your helmet, here’s the top 10.

Daytona International Speedway

The Daytona International Speedway is a track were heroes have been born, and legends forged in the arena of motorsport. As one fo America’s most historic tracks it has the honour of hosting many top-tier races such as NASCAR’s Daytona 500. You’ll also find events for IMSA sports cars, Trans-Am and the iconic Rolex 24. This amphitheatre of speed can host up to 167,000 fans, each wanting to get closer to the motorsport action.

Daytona opened in 1959 and has evolved to incorporate four main derivatives thanks to an infield section. In addition the classic NASCAR Tri-Oval, there’s a Sports Car Course that first saw action in 1985, a dedicated Motorcycle Course and new NASCAR Road Course. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to racing at Daytona.

Being just 50 miles from Orlando, it’s the perfect escape for those who’ve had their fill of Disney Land.


The Hungaroring is probably best known for hosting Formula 1’s Hungarian Grand Prix. This track was founded back in 1936, but the pinnacle of motorsport has been visiting regularly. F1 aside, many motorsport disciplines make use of the Hungaroring as a true test of car and driver. This undulating circuit is full of hidden technicalities that frequently catch people out. It has everything from a high speed straight, lingering bends and tight chicanes.

Technically speaking, Sir Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver to ever race at the Hungaroring, taking eight victories to date. His old team, McLaren, are notably the most successful constructor with 11 wins to its name. Regardless if you are in a road or race car, this track represents a serious challenge for all skill levels.

Fun fact: the Hungaroring track hosted Formula 1’s first Grand Prix event behind the iron curtain in 1986.


Situated on the Welsh coastline, Anglesey has to be one of the most visually stunning tracks in the UK, if not the world. Drive through considerable elevation changes toward the sea, before swooping back up to stretch the car’s legs on its long straight.

It’s not an F1 superstar track, but it is one of the most rewarding circuits to get right.


The Monaco Grand Prix is a magnet for the who’s who of the world. Its glitz and glamour makes way for one of the most historic races in the world once a year. These narrow streets forge a challenging track that always results in some spectacular racing from the world’s finest drivers.

Because the Monaco track is a street circuit, you can actually go and drive it right now! However, you’re likely to encounter plenty of local traffic.

Laguna Seca

Officially called the WeatherTech Raceway these days, Laguna Seca is an awesome track located in California, USA. Its headline act is a corner known as the Corkscrew, a tight blind chicane that also includes an 18 metre drop.

Laguna Seca typically hosts the famed Porsche Rennsport Reunion.

Silverstone Circuit

Arguably the UK’s most famed track, Silverstone is the home of the British Grand Prix. This circuit rewards drivers with a smooth driving style who can get into a real rhythm. Its fast and flowing nature makes it a favourite amongst enthusiasts.

Silverstone was the first track to include a Grand Prix Driver’s World Championship back in 1950.

Circuit de la Sarthe

Home to the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hour, this track is something of a hybrid that is made up of purpose-built track and public roads. Racer road through the night when completing at the yearly event, with the top prize being won by only the hardiest of drivers and machines.

Major rule changes for Le Mans are soon to make this event even more special with the introduction of a hypercar class.

Spa Francorchamps

Spa Francorchamps is one of the F1 calendar’s most anticipated races each year. The track that winds through the Belgian countryside plays host to one of the world’s most legendary corners… Eau Rouge is made up of a 17% gradient that climes over 40 metres.

This one is worth a visit!

Nurburgring Nordschleife

Easily the most challenging track in the world, but the most rewarding once conquered. Dubbed the ‘Green Hell’, this narrow track cuts through forest land and consist of 73 corners over 12.9 miles! It is full of iconic corners, deceiving elevation changes, fast straights and off-camber bends that can easily lead you astray.

You can drive the Nurburgring as a tourist at certain times of the year for as little as £23 a lap.

Tyler Heatley

23 Mar 2021