This modern-day Citroen DS is an electric concept we want right now

The Citroen DS is arguably the French marque’s most iconic car, being a true benchmark of quality and technology back in period. Its hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension ensured that the car remained composed even when traveling at speed along broken road surfaces. Citroen has never revisited the DS – aside from creating a standalone brand from the name – since the car’s 20-year production run ended. Designer decided to explore the possibility for himself.

Sadly, this is not an official concept from Citroen, so will never made production, but the designer’s completed renderings certainly get the creative juices flowing. The influence of the original car is clear for all to see, with this really being a modern interpretation of that classic shape. Using the DS as a starting point Sang Won Lee began to sketch a rough outline before building CAD models. This wireframe was then used to digitally sculpt the elegant surfaces you see here.

The car retains its pronounced glasshouse and rear deck, but panels now take on a river pebble-like complexion. Distinctive lighting signatures echo its forefather in overall shape, but receive their own modern illuminations. Everything is very flush, but that’s not just to look good, as this DS is all-electric and efficiency is king.

There aren’t any details on how the DS E Pallas would be theoretically powered, but it’s safe to assume that it would have an electric range of around 200 miles to rival today’s crop of EVs. Rapid charging is a must, with time being of the essence for the fashion conscious.

More and more electric cars are hitting our roads today – in fact, Citroen’s new mainstream C4 can be had as an EV from launch. Their upwards curve is undeniable, but as electric power becomes more ordinary, maybe what we really need is some extraordinary design to keep heads turning? In that regard, the DS E Pallas gets our vote.

You can check out more of Sang Won Lee's amazing designs on his Instagram page.

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