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How to build the perfect Jaguar E-Pace

Tyler Heatley

04 Sep 2020

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Just like Evoque did for Range , the E-Pace provides buyers with a new entry-level to ’s range of SUVs. Smaller than the F-Pace, the compact E-Pace has proven very popular amongst those wishing to make a real style statement on their driveway. The Jaguar brand certainly hosts the same cache as anything from Germany.

The E-Pace comes in a variety of flavours, and so specifying what’s best for you can be tricky. Here’s our guide to building the Jaguar SUV.

The Jaguar E-Pace starts at £30,490 and comes standard with LED headlights, automatic headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, lane keep assist and an infotainment system. For a little bit more cash R-Dynamic trim at £31,880 adds a bit more style with things like black grilles and twin tailpipes. Chequered Flag vehicles get more equipment including signature DRL lights, electric boot, a panoramic roof and keyless entry. However, that last trim level does start at a princely £41,045. We’ve gone for R-Dynamic that offers a bit more visual allure than the entry-level, but without too much additional cost.

Next is engine selection, and there’s plenty of choice! There are three diesel engines ranging from 148bhp to 237bhp, or a selection of petrols boasting 197bhp to 296bhp. Most can be had with manual or automatic transmissions, as well as all-wheel drive if you need the added traction. We think our E-Pace will spend much of its time in the city, so automatic petrol options would be best for us. All petrol E-Paces come with all-wheel drive as standard, something that will boost capability during winter spells. We’ve gone for the P200.

Now we enter the confusing world of packs, and here’s where things can quickly get out of hand in terms of price. Box clever here as some packs will come loaded with things you might not use. We’ve opted for ’S’ with its addition of leather seats, smart 18-inch alloy wheels and Navigation Pro. Higher grades offer even more gizmos and larger wheels, but this specification should offer much of what you desire without breaking the bank.

There’s a good range of colours for you E-Pace, however, many carry a costly price tag of £670. Black or white come at no cost, with Caldera red being the only shade with a £325 price point. We bit the bullet and went for the expensive, but handsome, Caesium, Blue. There are loads of other exterior options such as scrolling indicators and a panoramic roof, but we didn’t want to go crazy with options.

Wading through the hundreds of options that can be applied, one that we thought worthwhile considering the E-Pace’s shallow rear window was the £540 Park Pro Pack. It adds a 360 degree parking aid, rear traffic monitor and can even park itself.

Our E-Pace comes to a sensible £35,435 but it is easy to spend much more, so keep an eye on that options list. Create your own Jaguar E-Pace via the online configurator.

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