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Top 10 SUVs for less than £15,000

Tyler Heatley

17 Mar 2021

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SUVs are incredibly popular today, with people falling in love with their high driving position and stylish looks. Here’s some of the best SUV you can buy with a £15k budget.

The popularity of SUVs is quite remarkable. In a relatively short space of time, demand has driven manufacturers to produce more varieties of this type of vehicle than any other. Big, small, tech-laden, simple, luxurious – they’re all out there. People love the stylish looks and high driving position they afford, but what can you get for £15,000?

In no particular order, here’s 10 of the best SUVs within that budget. If you find some inspiration here, don't forget to check out SUVs listed on YesAuto.

Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti is a car we can’t recommend enough! This compact SUV star retains sensible proportions for urban use, but has all of the hallmarks that make people love this type of car. Those rugged looks are further complimented by a well-built and highly ergonomic interior.

Yeti’s are available in both petrol and diesel guises with some models also getting all-wheel drive for added traction.

Seat Ateca

A Seat Ateca is a really promising family option for those who need good levels of interior space. Its seven-seater option is ideal for larger families or an excellent ace up your sleeve for children’s birthday parties.

Again, a good range of engines supports this model, with automatic and manual gearboxes available dependant on specification.

Peugeot 3008

Just falling into our budget is 2017’s European Car of the Year. The Peugeot 3008 SUV marked a real turning point for the French brand, both in terms of ethos and perception. This much more upmarket SUV has one of the best interior designs in its class and provides healthy practicality.

If you’re spending lengthy stints on the motorway, we would wholeheartedly recommend the efficient diesel. There are also smaller petrol engines on offer, and while they do punch above their weight, they are best suited to urban life.

Kia Sportage

Badge snobbery aside, the Kia Sportage is a really strong SUV option. Its styling is clean and modern, there’s a great diesel option for those searching for motorway economy, and you’ll find loads of space inside. Factor in generous equipment levels and you have a great value for money SUV.

All Kia’s come with a 7-year 100,000 mile warranty from new, with this transferring from owner to owner until it expires.

Suzuki Jimny

This list list full of practical family SUVs that will serve you well, however, some people won’t be too keen on the pretence many put on. While they are taller than your average car and some even have rugged plastic trim, very few will dare to venture off-road. If that’s you and you want one of the most capable 4x4s for £15k or less, look no further than the Suzuki Jimny.

Don’t judge the car by its pint-sized nature, this little off-roader is exceptionally capable of scampering up some serious terrain. In fact, its lack of wait makes it less liable to sink when its boggy under tyre. Sure, it’s not very big and its fuel consumption might be higher for its miniature stature, but you’ll have a real 4x4 and not just something to look good on a driveway.

Our budget won’t stretch to the funky new Jimny, but a 10,000 mile previous generation car will proved to be a hardy little motor.

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga has recently been replaced, but the outgoing model has always been a strong seller in the UK. Its combination of traditional Ford value and practicality makes it ideal for active families. Just like many other SUVs of this size, the Kuga can be had with a capable all-wheel drive system. We’ve driven this car into the Arctic Circle previously, so it should tackle most loose surfaces with ease.

Newer Kuga’s feature Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system.

Honda CR-V

Honda produce some of the most reliable cars on the road today. Excellent build quality results in peace of mind when driving the CR-V, a car that’s at home on the motorway or dropping the kids to school in equal measure. The 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine option is actually one of the best diesel engines out there in any car.

A great option to look out for is the removable rubber boot tray that is perfect for muddy boots or a dog.

Toyota C-HR

Marketed as a ‘self-charging hybrid’ the Toyota C-HR is a quirky little SUV with plenty of character. A box-fresh car will set you back a princely £30k, but look at slightly older models on the used market and our budget will get you a well-specified car with around 30,000 miles.

One of the biggest assets of this C-HR, asides from its fuel efficiency, is the fact that it’s a Toyota. The Japanese marque has a hard-earned reputation for bulletproof dependability, so buy with confidence.

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai might be difficult to spell, but plenty of people have since learned. How? Because this SUV found its way onto over 1.24 million driveways throughout Europe over several generations. If you’re after a solid family package that offers good practicality, respectable petrol and diesel engines, not to mention good value used, a Qashqai could be for you.

You can pick up a first generation car for as little as £1,500 for a high mileage example. A £15,000 budget affords a well-specified 2018 car with around 12,000 miles on the clock. If you’re willing to up the age a little you can easily get a Qashqai with all the bells and whistles, not to mention a little bit fo change leftover. With an all-new Qashqai launching this year, expect used cars to become even better value.

Dacia Duster

As the catchy advert goes, ‘another one buys a Duster’. Many people did as the Renault-owned Dacia brand presents exceptional value for money. The Duster is a really strong product that delivers on that desirable high deriving position and genuine off-road ability form all-wheel drive models. Most of the cars on this list are used, but £15k will actually get you a brand-new Duster.

In fact, £11,745 will actually out you behind the wheel of a 0-miles Dacia Duster, but that is the very utilitarian Access model with steel wheels and next to no equipment. Spending £12,995 on an Essential trim car delivers many of the creature comforts you’d expect, however, 4x4 models can only be had as pricier Comfort cars.

Tyler Heatley

17 Mar 2021

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