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Jaguar I-Pace updated for 2020

Nick Francis

23 Jun 2020

Improved tech and faster charging introduced for the model year 2021 electric SUV, with some minor exterior enhancements.

The award-magnet Jaguar I-Pace has received a mild update for 2020, with an improved infotainment system and quicker charging capabilities.

The model year 2021 I-Pace is the first Jaguar to get the Pivi Pro infotainment system, already found in the new Land Rover Defender, which in the I-Pace comes with an enhanced EV navigation system, locating charge points and showing if they are in use, how long they will take to charge the battery, and how much it will cost.

An onboard 11kW charger now comes as standard, which offers access to three phase electricity supplies and means 33 miles of range per mile can be achieved with an 11kW wall box.

The exterior receives some subtle updates, with a new ‘Atlas Grey’ finish to the front grille, a range of new wheels and an optional ‘Bright Pack’ adding further splashes of chrome trim.


The Pivi Pro infotainment system is housed in the I-Pace’s ‘stacked’ dual screens, one 10-inch and one 5-inch, combined with the 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, and allows users to zoom in and out of the navigation screen with a pinch of the fingers, much like a smartphone. The navigation offers data on the nearest charge points and how long they will take to top up the battery, and even uses self-learning algorithms to know when to turn off voice guidance in areas you are familiar with.

Wireless phone charging is now an option, with signal booster, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard. A 4G SIM card with a complementary data plan is also included for music streaming, weather data and over the air map and traffic updates.

The new I-Pace now also comes with a 360 degree aerial view camera as standard, and Jaguar’s ClearSight rear view mirror, which uses a wide angle camera to offer a rear-view even with three people in the backseats.

Stephen Boulter, Vehicle Engineering Manager, Jaguar I-PACE,said:“The Pivi Pro infotainment system makes it easy to use public charging networks. As well as showing where charging stations are it can also tell you if they’re available, what they cost to use, and an estimate of charging time.”

Improved charging

The addition of a 11kW charger means the I-Pace can now take advantage of three-phase electricity supplies, offering 33 miles of range per hour from a 11kW wall box. A full charge now takes 8.6 hours. Roadside charging using a 50kW charger offers up to 39 miles range in 15 minutes, or 78 miles with a 100kW charger.

Subtle styling updates

The optional Bright Pack some grey and chrome trim, alongside the new ‘Atlas Grey’ grille trim, and the paintpalette has been updated. For the first time the I-Pace is available with 19-inch wheels, which come as standard on S models.

The new I-Pace is available to order now and starts at £65,195.

Nick Francis

23 Jun 2020