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Top 10 best selling cars

Rory White

12 May 2021

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April's car sales figures are in and there's been some chopping and changing at the top. Here are the best sellers over the past year in the UK.

10. Ford Kuga

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9640 SOLD

One of the best family SUVs to drive, plus all the space and practicality you'll need to make life with kids that bit easier. It's no wonder it's knocked the Ford Focus out of the top 10.

4. BMW 3 Series

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10,222 SOLD

The 3 Series' combination of a stunning cabin, brilliant infotainment and excellent drive has clearly got people interested. You see them everywhere on the roads, and for good reason.

8. Volvo XC40

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10,339 SOLD

It's a great time to be a premium small SUV, as the sales figures for the Volvo XC40 prove. The XC40 is cool, comfy and spacious. A winning combination.

7. Kia Sportage

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10,407 SOLD

SUVs are hot property and few provide as much space, tech and efficiency as the Kia Sportage, especially given how keen its list prices are.

6. Ford Puma

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10,597 SOLD

Ford's latest SUV has come at a good time – people love a raised driving position these days. It's also very good to drive and has a decent amount of room.

5. Volkswagen Golf

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10,798 SOLD

The iconic German hatchback continues to be the sensible choice for many in the UK. In the latest MK8 form it's better than ever, an upgraded interior the highlight.

4. Nissan Qashqai

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12,832 SOLD

With an all-new model on the horizon, the SUV that started the craze is still selling like hotcakes. It makes life easy in so many ways and remains a popular choice.

3. Mercedes A-Class

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13,439 SOLD

The Mercedes A-Class wows inside with its interior design and is a comfy place to sit. It looks great on the outside too, making it a head and heart decision.

2. Ford Fiesta

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14,906 SOLD

Ford's fun little Fiesta has been at or near the top of these charts for years. Its great drive, affordability and good looks have been the reason for its popularity.

1. Vauxhall Corsa

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16,381 SOLD

An all-new model has helped Vauxhall's Corsa clinch the win. It's better looking than ever, still good to drive and now much higher-tech in every regard.

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Rory White

12 May 2021

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